Sunday, September 18, 2005

Muslim oversensitivty

We shall ignore for a moment other groups who can also be included. One reason among many is that their over-sensitivity is already widely discussed. The group We wish to discuss is rarely mentioned. This group is the Muslims.

Now, We acknowledge that not all Muslims, even within a sect (and Islam has hundreds of sects and groups), are the same. Nevertheless, certain similarities are readily observable. One element that characterizes Muslims, most particularly groups, associations, and organizations that claim to represent Muslims, is their oversensitivity. They are very quick to feel offense, intended or otherwise, and feel entitled to have their objections listened to and remedied immediately. Any resistance or reluctance in either is construed as supporting evidence to the claim that the guilty party is, indeed, conspiring against Islam or is consciously trying to offend Muslims.

Now, hallucinations aside, We wish to know why Muslims, in the first place, should be placated if offended. Islam is a religion of violence, which has mandated discrimination against other religions along with proliferating falsehoods attributed to them. Muslims make no effort to restrain their comments and propaganda--internal and external--against other religions (such as Hinduism, Christianity, and particularly Judaism). Indeed, Muslims seem to have a double standard in this regard: Muslims should be permitted to pour all the vitriol they can muster against those whom they disagree with (whether religions, states, governments, or individuals) while Islam must be held above reproach by all, even non-Muslims and even with what they (those who speak against Islam or Muslims) say is true. No group that has such standards should be placated or appeased. They ought to be ignored until they modify their expectations, beliefs, and policies to be compatible with our modern standards, which is demanded of all peoples and groups, and which demands civil dialogue and debate in place of hysteric oversensitivity and unilateral demands.

Using Islam's on beliefs, it is clear to everyone that God has abandoned the Muslims and is now on the side of the (decadent, imperialistic, capitalist, infidel, pig-dog) West. While the West is superior militarily, economically, socially, culturally, and politically, Muslims have been, for the most part, unable to lift themselves from the Middle Ages.

What caused Us to launch into this tirade was this post on "protein wisdom" (of Jeff Goldstein). No group ought to have such clout, that if one sees something that, if manipulated properly, somewhat resembles something considered sacred, the Great Lords of the Multinational Corporation should freeze and spend (or waste, it is but an issue of semantics) resources, energy, and time to appease that one "visionary" (literally, one who sees visions, in that case hallucinations). This very much reminds Us of the claim often passed around among Muslims by email that Coca-Cola's logo, in reality, says "La Allah la Muhammad" ("No Allah/God no Muhammad" in Arabic) if seen in a mirror, an obvious indication of the company's anti-Islamic agenda. Such Muslims ought to be sterilized for the good of humanity: the world doesn't need any more idiots.

Next time a Muslim complains about being offended by some imagined slight against Muslims/Islam, We shall ask them when they will stop producing and supporting material that offends members of other religions. Unfortunately for Muslims, this includes the Qur'an, their holy book, which is full of falsehoods against Christianity and Judaism, not to mention unacceptable propaganda against the two older venerable religions. It goes without saying that this would also mean that whereas Muslims live unmolested in Western communities, Muslims will be required to stop persecuting, killing, and discriminating against non-Muslims.


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