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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

From BlameBush!: Mother Sheehan and Her Son

Sometimes, one line in a blogpost will jump out and grab one's attention by the throat.

Such a line We found today:
Compassion obviously eludes Ann Coulter, who openly mocks Cindy Sheehan, a grieving mother who sacrificed her only begotten son so that the peace movement may live.

From Book Review: Godless by Ann Coulter of BlameBush! (a parody blog).

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

From Where Comes "Moslem"?

"Moslem" has been used in English to refer to "Muslim" for quite some time. Muslims get a little upset when people use "Moslem" as the proper word is "Muslim." But Muslims are jumping the gun a bit. "Moslem" is not an English corruption of "Muslim."

"Moslem" comes from the Persian pronunciation of the Arabic word "Muslim." Persian renders its short vowels a little differently than Arabic. Short "u" is pronounced "o" rather than "u" (as in the English word "buck"). Short "i" is pronounced "e" rather than "i" (as in the English word "bit").

It also from Persian that English-speakers and -writers got the word "Mohammad" or "Mohammed." Again, short "u" is rendered as "o."

Muslims should be grateful English-speakers did not borrow many Islamic words from Turkish. "Muhammad" in Turkish is "Mehmet." If Muslims are upset at the use of "o" instead of "u," imagine their outrage at English-speakers using "Mehmet." Some British writers in the past have used "Mossalman" or "Mussalman." They obtained this word from Urdu, which in turn comes from Persian. It means "Muslim." The Persian plural would be "mosalmaanaan"; the Urdu plural would be "mussalmaaneiN" (nominative) or "mussalmaanoN" (oblique); in English an "s" is added to the end to produce "Mossalmans."

When many English-speakers pronounce "Moslem," the "s" is voiced (becoming, essentially, "z"). The same occurs when some English-speakers say "Muslim" (pronouncing it as "Muzlim"). It is from the latter ("Muzlim" from "Muslim") that the nickname "Muzzie(s)" comes from. Muslims need to understand that this is not a deliberate corruption of the word but, rather, applying to the word the rules of English pronunciation and phonetics. It is somewhat outrageous to deny the speakers of a language their right to render any borrowed word according to the language's tendencies of pronunciation.

(This is inspired by hearing a Muslim daa'ee (proselytizer) ranting on how non-Muslims pronounce "Muslim." More about his point later.)

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

Friday, June 02, 2006

GIs Cleared WRT Ishaqi; Probe Open on Haditha

According to Yahoo! News, GIs have been cleared of any charges regarding collateral damage at Ishaqi. The probe regarding the same by Marines at Haditha is still open.

To reiterate Our previous policy: We will not formulate an opinion until the probe has come to an end and the results thereof have been released.

We shall place the following piece of information alongside whatever finding the probe may release (from the aforementioned article):

He also said victims' relatives turned down a request by U.S. investigators to exhume the victims' bodies for forensic tests.

Unlike some, We refuse to proclaim anyone guilty, deserving of punishment, or otherwise culpable until the probe has ended and its findings have been released. We similarly suspend any proclamation of innocence, even though under the law and legal system of The United States one is innocent until proven guilty. We furthermore condemn anyone who formulates an opinion or judgment before the same. No one can formulate a just opinion or judgment until the facts have been brought forth, and this cannot occur until the investigation has come to an end and its findings are released.

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On Haditha

We have been quite disturbed by reports of civilian casualties by the hands of US Marines in Haditha, Iraq.

However, to be quite frank, We do not know any of the facts. What happened? Who did what? What were the circumstances? Why did what happen, happen? There is too much speculation floating around for Us to form even the semblance of an opinion on what may have transpired.

But with regard to one aspect We have become quite adamant. We strenuously oppose any attempt to paint these Marines or the Marines in general with a blood-soaked paintbrush before the release of any findings, before the end of any investigation. The United States is an honorable nation and will take those steps they must take for justice, if any is needed. The United States is not like other states that commit atrocities and get away with it.

We refuse to pass judgment at this moment because of many reports already made concerning atrocities by The Armed Forces of The United States, reports which have been proved to be utterly false. Such false reports frankly disgust Us to to end. This of course might backfire for opponents of The Armed Forces: even if atrocities occurred in Haditha, many will be wary of any such allegations because of the many false allegations of the past.

According to Strafor's daily podcast for Tuesday, May 30, 2006, what seems to matter across the globe is perception. Entities have already passed judgment without this issue having been fully investigated yet. They will insist on their version of the truth, regardless what the facts may be or have been. We refuse to play their game. They may perceive what perverse scenarios they wish: We will stick to the facts.

We will not excuse atrocities by The Armed Forces of The United States; but at the same We realize that The Armed Forces deserve to have their perspective heard, that facts must be considered, and that whatever judgment is to be cast, should be cast keeping all the facts and circumstances in mind.

We shall post on this issue once the findings have been released and the information has been digested.

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Tribute

According to Yahoo! News:
The nation can best honor the dead by "defeating the terrorists. ... and by laying the foundation for a generation of peace," Bush said.

Quite true indeed.

We pay tribute to the sacred memory of all the brave and selfless men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of The United States, becoming effectively martyrs in the American Cause. We also pay tribute to those men and women who have pledged to defend The United States by fighting and, if necessary, dying for them. We honor past, present, and future defenders of The Republic, true heroes that you all are. The people live in freedom because of your sacrifices, dedication, and vigilance.

May God bless you all, and may we Americans never forget you. Because you gave your all every day of the year, every day is Memorial Day.

Update: Added link.

Friday, May 26, 2006


In Our culture, dogs are considered to be unclean animals. Outside of the fact that in Pakistan dogs are mostly stray rather than pets, dogs are considered to be unclean according to Islamic law. It is said that angels will not enter a home wherein there is a dog. Furthermore, prayers offered in an impure area are invalid; dogs, as a source of impurity, make roomes and homes impure. These are some reasons used to justify not keeping dogs as pets.

Even if dogs are kept as pets, they are outside animals, meaning that they would not be welcome inside the home. Of course, the perception that dogs are unclean no doubt also plays a role in this fact.

Therefore, those of Our culture are, to begin with, not used to having to deal with dogs or cats as pets. In contrast, it seems that most Americans are used to dealing with dogs and/or cats. In addition, those of Our culture do not understant dogs: why do they what they do? how ought one to deal with dogs? what are the expectations in interacting with dogs?

Although these still remain mysteries to Us, We are beginning to understand more about dogs by reading what bloggers have said about their pets. We thank these bloggers for expanding Our understanding. One day, We hope to know how to interact properly and confidently with dogs.

Here are some dogblogging posts:

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More Dogblogging

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innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Job Application Blues

Being diabetic (type I, also known as insulin-dependent, diabetes) does not often concern Us. It is only when applying for jobs with The Government that We begin to regret it. Being diabetic limits Our options: for a number of positions it is an automatic disqualifier. For example, We cannot join any branch of The Military. Civilian positions may be open to Us, but they may be because if the position is overseas, We may be disqualified for the same reason We cannot join The Military.

Seen another way (as how Our parents view it): it keeps Us out of dangerous places.

Still. We'd rather have the option.

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

Some Insight Into Anti-War Protestors

This post by tgslTakoma is a very interesting one. We have often heard of protests by anti-war activists. We have even heard of counter-protests. But this post informs the reader of a number of very interesting points:
  • the objectives of anti-war protestors
  • how counter-protesters cooperate with law enforcement officials
  • the mannerisms and behavior of anti-war protesters (including some hypocrisy, what with their use of force every now and then)
  • the attempts of anti-war protestors to get arrested (by any means it seems)
  • the media's interest in anti-war protestors, which is more than their interest in counter-protestors
  • the civility and utter restraint of law enforcement officials
  • the fact that anti-war protestors are only interested in broadcasting their perspective without engaging in any dialogue or discussion with those who may disagree
We encourage Our readers to visit and read through the post. Be aware that this is not a short post. The post includes a video as well as a number of pictures; it is a very informative and insightful indeed, for which We thank tgslTakoma.

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

Three Sources of Information You Should Know About

There are a few sources of information by way of podcast that We would recommend to everyone. Some of them are daily; one of them is weekly.

First: The podcast of The President's weekly radio address. We listen to this every Monday. Most of the time what The President has to say is good, insightful, and helpful.

Second: Daily podcasts from The Pentagon Channel. They provide news on the military's various activities within The United States and outside of them. They also provide perspective and, every now and then, good news on their activities. The three that We download regularly, accompanied by a description from The Pentagon Channel's website (from their podcasts page), are:

1. American Forces Press Services audio podcast: "Daily Update from the American Forces Press Service."

2. ATS (Around the Services) In Brief audio podcast: "From the Pentagon Channel NewsCenter - A 5-minute version of Around The Services reduced in size for headline updates."

3. Rucksacks and Rations: "A weekly audio program from the Pentagon Channel featuring stories and interviews about our service members stationed around the globe. From Afghanistan and Iraq to hometowns throughout the United States, Rucksacks and Rations brings you closer to troops downrange and families at home."

Third: The Stratfor daily podcast by Stratfor. Stratfor deals with geopolitics, security, and public policy (according to their homepage). According to Strafor's website's podcast page, the podcasts are:
Audio Intelligence Briefs to Keep You Informed, Prepared, Ahead of the Game

Designed for the decision-maker on the go, each daily podcast will review the most significant events around the world, helping you to:

  • Make sense of world events and understand their implications
  • Get beyond the noise of regular media coverage with timely intelligence and focused analysis on the issues of real geopolitical, economic or security relevance
  • Save time and keep ahead of the headlines - and your competition

These are three very useful resources of information. At the very least they provide alternative perspectives to what one may be reading in the media, especially considering The Media is not so fond of printing what The Government actually says, relying instead on interpreting what The Government has said.

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.