Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some Insight Into Anti-War Protestors

This post by tgslTakoma is a very interesting one. We have often heard of protests by anti-war activists. We have even heard of counter-protests. But this post informs the reader of a number of very interesting points:
  • the objectives of anti-war protestors
  • how counter-protesters cooperate with law enforcement officials
  • the mannerisms and behavior of anti-war protesters (including some hypocrisy, what with their use of force every now and then)
  • the attempts of anti-war protestors to get arrested (by any means it seems)
  • the media's interest in anti-war protestors, which is more than their interest in counter-protestors
  • the civility and utter restraint of law enforcement officials
  • the fact that anti-war protestors are only interested in broadcasting their perspective without engaging in any dialogue or discussion with those who may disagree
We encourage Our readers to visit and read through the post. Be aware that this is not a short post. The post includes a video as well as a number of pictures; it is a very informative and insightful indeed, for which We thank tgslTakoma.

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.


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