Friday, May 19, 2006

Bush Is A RINO. He's Not Racist Enough.

There are some who charge that Republicans are all racist. It would then be no surprise that it is charged that Republican administrations are also racist. If so, perhaps Bush has been afflicted with color-blindness. There are too many minorities in his previous and current administrations for him to be found honoring The Republican Party's racist platform. Perhaps this means he's a RINO?

We feel We would be able to operate far better in The Republican Party, which does not really care all that much about a person's race, than in The Democrat(ic) Party, which does pay attention to race and expects its minorities to tow the Party's identity politics line. We refuse to engage in identity politics or tow any such line.

And We feel that people of any ethnicity would have it better in The Republican Party for the same reasons. The vilification of minority politicians who reject The Democrat(ic) Party's stand on these issues demonstrates how irrationally chained Democrats are to such ideologies that keep people behind and enabled.

In order to empower minorities, one must disregard the fact that someone is part of a minority: de-emphasize a person's minority status rather than elevating it.

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Enas Yorl said...

Ok, here's a funny story about stereotypes. I have a lot of my artwork at the office, and most of my co-workers know that I do this stuff occasionally. My boss and I get along very well and have for years. One day a while back we got into a discussion about politics and we discovered that we were on opposite sides politically. He was stunned to find out that I'm a conservative. "But you're an Artist!" he exclaimed. He had to struggle a bit to resolve that conflict. :-D


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