Wednesday, June 07, 2006

From BlameBush!: Mother Sheehan and Her Son

Sometimes, one line in a blogpost will jump out and grab one's attention by the throat.

Such a line We found today:
Compassion obviously eludes Ann Coulter, who openly mocks Cindy Sheehan, a grieving mother who sacrificed her only begotten son so that the peace movement may live.

From Book Review: Godless by Ann Coulter of BlameBush! (a parody blog).

innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger Wickedpinto said...

She didn't sacrifice a fucking thing.

How about this? something closer to the truth.

"A Son who sacrificed himself so that others may live free"

fucking ROTTEN ROTTEN WHORE's these fucking media are.

CHRIST! Cindy had NOTHING to do with her son enlisting . . . .TWICE, other than maybe her son thinking "if I don't re-enlist I will have to live with that crazy bitch, please god kill me" Cindy Sacrificed NOTHING, her son did, Cindy MIGHT have suffered, but didn't sacrifice a fucking thing. The point of "sacrifice" is that you do something knowingly, and willingly, the eldest son of adam did not live up to the goal of sacrifice, like cindy, and didn't proffit, unlike cindy, from gods graces, that is why, in jealousy Kane killed his only brother.

WHAT THE FUCK! do these people read any books? or do they just think they are so smart they don't need to understand a damn thing?


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Kath said...

Hi Muslihoon! I saw that you had linked my blog (thanks!) and I really like your site so I'm throwing a link back your way :o)

Casey Sheehan deserves to be remembered for his brilliant service, not his misguided peace-crazed mother.


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