Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hypocrisy and Irrational Hatred from the Left, or Another Post on Why America is Great

In this thread on the Ace of Spades Headquarters, a leftist directed a poster to the army's website when the poster remarked the poster was in favor of war against Syria. Evidently, some people believe that if one supports war, one ought to participate in it.

How so very strange.

In the meantime, leftists proclaim the evils of capitalism and that socialism (of whatever interpretation) is the solution - whether it is soft socialism (a welfare state) or hard socialism (tyranny of the proletariat). Should they not, then, detach themselves from the capitalist money-making machine, or at least reject any royalties or payments for their words? It seems highly hypocritical for leftists to direct warmongering conservatives to join the military while they refuse to make the sacrifices they must make to realize their own dreams.

How many anti-capitalists (Chomsky, anyone?) are part of the capitalist market machine?
How many anti-Americans benefit from America's rights, liberties, security, and stability?
How many pacifists benefit from an essentially violence-prone law enforcement presence?
How many environmentalists benefit from the polluting technological advances rampant in the West (the least of which include vehicles; including, of course, all methods of mechanical transportation, factory-made goods, use of fossil fuels)?
How many academics engage in Occidentalism while condemning Orientalism?

We shall bring this to a more pointed level: why is it that those who benefit from corruption will condemn in strong words others who benefit from corruption? Is the evil of corruption a partisan issue, that corrupt Republicans are evil but corrupt Democrats are fine? How can Democrats scream about corruption when the most corrupt state in The United States is the heavily Democratic Louisiana?

Why do leftists condemn the spread of democracy and democratic institutions? Why are they so obsessed with the evil of The United States and the good of others? Why do they sacrifice their own people, culture, values, and leaders to foreign cultures and values? Why do they have no pride in their nation and its awesome military? Why do they desire so much the downfall of their own society?

It seems contradictory that while promoting foreign and alien societies and values, they resent it when any one of these is able to open up to the light of democracy and democratic institutions: are they resentful of another people's progress? Why can they not wish others to have what Americans and others in democratic states have?

We have lived in non-democratic states, including one that claims to be democratic. Elections a democracy do not make. We were so happy and proud when The United States liberated Iraq: finally, another people would be rid of their heinous tyrannical dictator and will be able to exercise popular sovereignty, able to write their own future. Perhaps leftists do not know what it is like to live in a non-democratic society, while opponents of democracy in other societies are afraid how they will loose control of the people. Democracy is empowering, collectively and individually. How strange, then, that those who claim to uphold values and rights and good would attack America so viciously when it seeks to overthrow unstable regimes of terror and tyranny in order to make a region more secure (in the long run), secure American interests, and provide for the liberated state's people a better future.

Strange, is it not, that in America people can be so rabidly and vociferously against their nation - which they point out as proof of their claims, for no one is challenging them, or at least not challenging them in such a manner that they would accept the opponents claims (assuming, of course, they are rational, which these anti-Americans are not) - and yet the people of other states are less opposed to their nation. Nationalism or patriotism is seen as a good thing. This, too, is used by anti-Americans to boost up their arguments and hollow pride. Yet the reality lies not in the fact that people are not rising to protest their state, therefore they love it, but that these people are unable to. In America, one can say whatever one wants. In other states, this is not so. People may even pretend to be patriotic to escape their society's or authorities' censure. Thus, the very fact these anti-Americans can present and spread their despicable lies with such ease and without hindrance speaks more in favor of The United States than it does against them.

If The United States are evil, then, for all they do for others, then permit Us to be the vilest of demons. We will not change Our allegiance or values because of some doctrine or theory that is blowing in the wind. We do not base Our expectations and hopes on irrational, impractical, and utterly ridiculous slogans. We will not turn against Our society, community, and nation - America, America, and America, respectively - in favor of some foreign, alien, oppressive, tyrranical, deplorable, stagnant, unproductive, uneducated, and unfree people. We freely admit to judging peoples and states; We freely admit to not treating all peoples equally. Such equality is a fiction devised by those who would pander to and continue to enable unevolved and undeveloped peoples. The United States are the best in many areas, regarding which We will never equivocate, hesitate, or back down. We, furthermore, whole-heartedly support a self-interested, active, and autonomous approach to dealing with issues that affect The United States. (Why should The United States hesitate to defend its interests when every nation will do anything to defend their interests? Why should The United States fall into the mischievious hands of those who would sacrifice The United States if it will advance their nefarious interests? Why do people continue to insist on considering others to be benevolently disposed while The United States are malevolently disposed? When was the last time France or Britain instituted democracy? From what We remember, the entire quagmire that is the Middle East is a direct result of British and French imperialist, territorial, mercantilist, and economic meddling. The United States is now forced to mop up their messes: when the old hegema have ruined the world, why should The United States be forced to expiate for others' sins?) If for this We are considered to be a rabid patriot/nationalist, irrational, insensitive, unaware, ignorant, intolerant, bigoted, or otherwise evil, then so be it.

The United States are not like Britain, or France, or Spain, or Portugal, or Imperial Russia, or the Soviet Union, or Imperial China, or Imperial Japan, or early Islam, or Babylonia, or Assyria, or the ancient Persia, or the Mongol Hordes - they do not hold the world's people in thrall and slavery, subject to a foreign far-away potentate; they liberate peoples, enlighten peoples, and establish for current and future generations a better world. Why else is everyone clamoring for success and access to the world market? After all, even socialist China desired to join (and was successful in joining) the World Trade Organization.

Why The United States' own people would oppose The United States - this We simply cannot comprehend.

inna naHnu-l-a'lamoon.


At 6:02 PM, Anonymous blackflag said...

"Why The United States' own people would oppose The United States - this We simply cannot comprehend."

Alot of Americans don't understand it either so don't feel too bad.

Nice article by the way.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Muslihoon said...

Thanks! Glad to know I'm not alone.

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Barker said...

Pure Genius Muslihoon! That is the most comprehensive, insightful, and, may I say, dead-on commentary I have read concerning the current situation in these United States.

And I only read it once.I shall read it again.It should be proclaimed from the mountain tops.

What newspapers do you write for? Is there a book in the works?

You Must Be Heard MUSLIHOON!

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Why do so many who spout anti-americanism come here?

Why do so many who spout anti-americanism stay?

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Muslihoon said...

Thank you much, barker!

Christine: The son of a family friend is rabidly anti-American. He was born here, and has said he wishes he could move away. He says, however, that he stays because of the opportunities available here that are unavailable elsewhere. For such people, they do not consider that the benefits of living here exist precisely for reasons they hate America. America, more so than anywhere else in the world, promotes and virtually enshrines free expression, creativity, hard work, and meritocracy. They hate America, but they stay because they know very well that no other country is as good as America.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger urbansocrates said...

Perhaps some leftists criticize the US because they feel it has fallen short of its own ideals. As for the socialists and the communists, there are fewer and fewer places for them to go these days! As for my objection to the war in Iraq, it wasn't based on idealism -- I'd love the whole world to be democratic -- but on my understanding of what had happened to Western countries that have been involved in occupying Iraq.

A parallel example to consider: Jews that support Israel but don't live there. That I've never understood.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Muslihoon said...

Thank you for your comments, urbansocrates.

Leftists and others critizing America because of falling short of its principles - this I can accept, to a degree. I am still biased, as may be evident, but even when falling short of its principles, America exists as a bulwark of goodness, development, progress, freedom, and hope. Where it ought to be criticized, it ought to be criticized; but then no more. For some Leftists to attack America and praise other "civilizations" - that are still mired in their past and cannot seem to cope appropriately or properly with the exegiencies of the modern world - that remains inexplicable.

Iraq War: Indeed, the argument can be made that the Iraq War made the West's problem with terrorism even worse. However, I would hold it is still debatable whether the Iraq War created more terrorists or flushed them out.

Jews who support Israel but don't live there: an interesting phenomenon, indeed.


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