Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why America must prevail.

Throughout history, international states have been arranged in various orders under various hegemons. For a long time, the traditional pattern was for a hegemon to conquer vast stretches of land, creating an empire, while expanding the empire's influence into other states that the empire cannot so easily conquer. A good example - recent also - is the Soviet Union, which was basically a Russian empire (containing various non-Russian states) while exerting influence over other states which, for whatever reason, the empire did not incorporate.

The rules for such a system were well-understood. If they were challenged, it was for the benefit or sovereignty of a vassal state - whether a vassal by being part of the empire or by the empire's influence thereon and therein.

But humanity lives in interesting times. There is no vast empire. The last one to exist - the USSR - collapsed under pressure from the hegemon, the US. Indeed, one might say that the USSR desired to institute a traditional international state system in place of the new, liberal system that had arisen under US hegemony. The stirrings of US hegemony began with the First World War, and this position was undoubtedly cemented after the Second World War. The USSR rose to oppose - as is wont to happen: no hegemon remains unopposed or unchallenged - and it fell.

Yet, despite these facts, it seems to Us that people are woefully unaware of both the unique nature of the current system as well as the benefits therefrom.

Keeping an empire intact is certainly not easy. The US has no empire, making its job as hegemon, in some ways, easier. Nevertheless, the US exerts an enormous amount of influence, moreso, We would argue, than if it were imperialist. The values of the US - commercial, political, religious, social, economic, and technological modernism and liberalism - are promoted and spread. They have become the standards to which many, if not most, states aspire to. The peoples of the world are acutely aware of these standards and values: they seek their implementation in their home states. In effect, a sort of soft power empire exists throughout the world under the august crown of the US.

Unlike previous empires, however, the US is not so interested in exploitation of others solely for its own gain. Compare the US's policies to Europe's, who descended upon Africa and divided it with no regard to reality on the ground, for no reason other than imperial prestige. The Europeans had nothing to gain from their adventures in Africa, and yet there they went. The US is far more shrewd and wise. The US realizes that what is good for others would be good for the US in the end.

Consider also the unique example of the US actually aiding others. The US is not only charitable but far more charitable than any state, let alone empire or hegemon, that has ever existed. The fact that the US was instrumental in assisting its former enemies - such as Japan and Germany - simply boggles the mind.

As We said before, no empire or hegemon goes unchallenged. When the USSR fell, something had to rise to challenge the US's hegemony. European powers, such as France and Germany, feel they can assert themselves. Russia and China feel they can manipulate the discontent of others to serve their anti-US goals. Militant Muslims feel they can topple the decadent, weak, and inactive West. And they are all wrong.

They are also all stupid.

It is utterly ridiculous that these states can imagine they can survive in a world where the stability, ensured by the hegemon, is diminished. Is national prestige or the fall of the West really so important that one will risk one's own security, stability, success, and development? Do these states believe they can control the various elements that will undoubtedly spin out of control should the US withdraw from its duties as enforcer of the peace? What sort of game do these states think they are playing?

We utterly reject any and all claims that others ought to stand up to the US. Such suggestions are practically suicidal. For once the world is under an international regime that is stable and conducive to various types of development, progress, and advancement. States are free to obsess about the environment, healthcare, animal rights, and other nonsense issues. They do not worry for their own survival against bloodthirsty rivals.

Such foolish, stupid people. Rather than supporting the international regime that has built the foundation upon which they have built their palaces of marble and gold, these states "standing up to the US" are doing nothing but knocking down their own pillars and destroying their foundation's support. In other words, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

People are wont to complain loudly against the injustices of the international regime - but what are these poor states doing by themselves to help themselves? We utterly reject any suggestion or proposition that any state, or people for that matter, is unable to better one's own station or situation. Such suggestions are utterly insulting to the abilities and intelligence of these supposedly disadvantaged states. If they made better decisions and set their own issues in order, they will be able to advance and progress. It is utterly ridiculous to expect another to do everything for one's own progress - and even if one did, what thanks would that one get? Those whom the US has helped stab the US in the back. May they perish in weakness for their insidious pride and stupidity.

The concept of each nation being sovereign, of equal value and worth, with its own pride and prestige - these concepts are thoroughly outdated. One's standing in the world varies based on a number of factors. To suggest all are of equal value is utterly ridiculous. (Hat-tip to one who can suggest to Us a phrase to use in the stead of "utterly ridiculous.")

Thus, it is the duty of the US, as the world's hegemon, to set the world's states in order. Iran, for example, disregards the system and threatens to seriously stabilize it. It has already crossed the boundaries of acceptable behavior. That any major state (in this case the US and Israel) would feel threatened demonstrates a violation of the system, which must be rectified. The US must never shy from using force, for force is the only language with which international (and in some cases, domestic) issues are definitively settled.

Which brings Us to a related but important point: without this system in place, the world would not be open to more opportunities for equality, solidarity, progress, growth, or development. On the contrary, the world would recede to its previous state of alliances arrayed in formations against alliances, the world engulfed in bloody cut-throat competitions for power and dominance, which would continue until one power or alliance prevails. This power would undoubtedly not be the benevolent dictator the US has been. We, therefore, exhort opponents of the US to kindly remove the blindfold from around their eyes and to see reality as it is. How people can even conceive of a world better off without US hegemony escapes Our mind. It goes against reason, against common sense, against reality.

Let all hope that the US shall act decisively once more to put Iran in its place: in the shadow of the US, where everyone belongs unless they are willing to assist with the burden of hegemony.

Additional note: Mess not with Israel. Israel is one state that acts with impunity for its defense. Its threats are not empty. For this, We are thankful: Israel helps alleviate the lonliness of hegemony, sharing the burden of hegemony and posing, veritably, as an outpost of the system in that unstable area of the world, through which the system can rectify violations and keep the area in check.

wa inna naHnu aa'lamuun.


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