Monday, December 05, 2005

What they - the Salafi Muslims - say.

In this thread of the Ace of Spades HQ, We had written:
*Enter the persona of al-Hajj Muhammad 'Abdullah Saifuddin Fathullah al-Awashqi*

THE religion of Allaah, Islaam, was established by Allaah for all people to obey. Allaah is the supreme creator, and His Word is immutable and unassailable. His Word cannot change, and we mere humans, who were created to be but slaves to Almighty Allaah, can in no way go against His Will as revealed in Islam through the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings upon him).

WITH the passage of time in Daar al-Islaam, the revealed Will of Allaah has been neglected. Muslim states have rejected the sovereignty of Allaah and the Muslim peoples are either ignorant of Islaam or wilfully rebel against Allaah. They even had the audacity to abolish the caliphate, which the Beloved Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) established! May Allaah have mercy on us Muslims!

WITH the blessings and grace of Almighty Allaah, al-Sheikh al-Islaam Muhammad bin 'Abd al-Wahhaab (may Allaah have mercy on him) was born in the Holy Land of Arabia. He was well-learned and was disgusted with the corruption of Islaam around him. He established a vibrant movement, Salafiyyah, to purify Islaam. With Aal al-Sa'uud, he was able to purify Islam throughout Arabia. His teachings spread far and wide, and his students now seek to purify Islaam throughout the world and to make Allaah's Word supreme throughout the world, as Allaah has commanded. May Allaah be praised!

AS Muslims, it is our duty to correct our wayward brothers and sisters. They must be brough back to the True Religion, to obey Allaah by obeying Islaam. Those Muslims who refuse to repent of their sins, to learn about Islaam, and to obey Islaam correctly are guilty of intentionally rebelling against Allaah. They are the munaafiquun (hypocrites). To intentionally reject Allaah is kufr, and Allaah's Word commands us to slay all kaafiriin (may Allaah's curse be upon them!). Those who provoke other Muslims to reject Allaah and Islaam are spreading fitnah and they must also be slayed for the sake of Allaah and His diin.

NOW, Allaah has commanded us to defend Islaam. In all the world, we can see the hated Jews and Christians attacking Islaam and Muslims, hating Allaah and seeking to destroy Allaah's Word. They do do this not only directly with their states and armies, who are spread throughout the whole Islaamic peoples, but indirectly by indoctrinating the Muslims with anti-Islaamic ideologies that Islaam rejects completely. Socialism, capitalism, democracy, nationalism, nation-states, states - all of these are the inventions of kaafiriin and must be rejected by all Muslims. It is Allaah's Will, especially as stated through His Messenger (peace and blessings upon him), that the world of Islaam be united in one empire under one leader (caliph or khaliifah) with one law (the law of Islaam or sharii'ah). Allaah commands us that this empire embrace all the peoples, to span the whole world. Allaah says in the Qur'aan that non-believers such as the Jews and Christians are free to practice their religion as long as they pay the jizyah tax and live under Islaam's laws. If they rebel against Allaah's laws and agitate against Islaam, they must be prosecuted if not put to death (especially if they do blasphemy).

AS soon as Muslims abandoned Allaah Almighty, Allaah punished the Muslims by withdrawing His favor from us and by using the kaafiriin to punish us. The only way we Muslims will be able to succeed and prevail is by adhering scrupulously to Islaam. Then Allaah with be with us, and lead us to victory over the kaafiriin and munaafiqiin. Allaah be praised!

THROUGHOUT the Qur'aan and ahadiith and sunnah, Allaah has taught us that we must dedicated everything to Allaah and to the mission of Islaam. Every Muslim, however he/she may, is supposed to strive incessantly to spread Islaam. Some may do it by preaching Islaam and converting people to the Truth. Some may do it by defending Islaam against kaafiriin (non-believers). Some may do it by teaching Muslims about Islaam. Some may do it by fighting against oppressive kaafiriin and munaafiqiin who fight against Allaah and Islaam. Some may do it by encouraging their countries to pass laws to forbid what Allaah has forbidden and to permit what Allaah has permitted. However it is done, it is a duty on all Muslims. He/she who dies in the Path of Allah (fi sabiilillaah) will be welcomed by the angels in Heaven. The best way to serve Allaah is to fight for Islaam and Allaah and Muslims and against the kaafiriin (non-believers) and munaafiqiin (hypocrites). This way, a Muslim is devoting his/her all to Allaah and will attain a big reward in Heaven however he/she dies. Allaah be praised!

SOME Muslims are being led astray by the laws and ideas of kaafiriin (non-believers) and munaafiqiin (hypocrites). Muslims must always remember that the laws and Will of Allaah, revealed in Islaam, are always superior to those of men. The ideas and laws of men are nothing, they are dust before Almighty Allaah. The only law that should be obeyed is Allaah's law, because this is why He created us. To obey the laws or ideas of anyone or anything else is shirk, which makes a Muslim a kaafir! Allaah have mercy on us Muslims!

IT is therefore incumbent upon all Muslims to reject the corruptions in Islaam, especially today, to return to pure Islaam, to become Salafiyyuun, and to fight for Islaam. This is Allaah's Word and Will, praised be Allaah! haadha hunna kalimatu wa mashii'atu-llaahi; alHamdu lillaahi wa subHaanahu!

*exit al-Hajj Muhammad 'Abdullah Saifuddin Fathullah al-Awashqi*
There is no "al-Hajj Muhammad 'Abdullah Saifuddin Fathullah al-Awashqi". We created him. We did not find this text somewhere, from where We copied and pasted: We wrote it. Every argument We have heard at some point or another. This ought to be a warning: this is what is said and preached and taught by the Salafi Muslims.

faqaala-llaahu fi kitaabihi fi suurati-nnaSr: "idhaa jaa'a naSru-llaahi wa-lfatH; wa ra'ayta-nnaasa yadkhuluuna fi diini-llaahi afwaajan; fasabbiH biHamdi rabbika wa-staghfirhu, innahu kaana tawwaabaa."

As Allaah says in his book in Surah an-Nasr, the 110th surah of the Qur'an: "When there comes the help of God and the victory; and you see the people in crowds enter the religion of God, then glorify your lord's praises and His forgiveness; indeed, He is forgiving."

We believe this will prove the triumph of peace and tranquility with the subduing of Islam. But with verses such as these, it is no wonder that Muslims believe in their final triumph despite the odds.


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