Friday, April 28, 2006

The Falling Man

There is one picture that We can stare at for hours. It is a picture that makes many emotions well up from within Ourself. It is a picture that disturbs and enrages Us. It also makes Us feel quite melancholy, quite sad. It makes Us wonder about the many people's lives that were so cruelly cut short on That Day, September 11, 2001. One minute, one is dining at a restaurant or working in one's office or responding to an atrocious collision; the next...

This picture has been dubbed The Falling Man. The man in it has been identified as Jonathan E. Briley (a"h z"l).

Warning: click with caution. This is not a pleasant or happy picture. It may be considered quite disturbing. We do not agree with the Mainstream Media's self-censorship in not showing this picture, but We understand their reluctance to do so.
Here is the picture with explanation on Wikipedia.
Here is the picture with explanation by Michelle Malkin (shlit"a).

inna naHnu-l-a'lam.


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